Chemistry Exam: 40% Chemistry. 60% Disorder.

You have just woken up on the day of your exam. You feel prepared. You feel able. You feel ready to smash the exam into frigging pieces because you’ve frigging revised the whole frigging text book. You’ve practiced every exam question you can lay your hands on.

“The time is 1:15 pm, you may open your papers and begin”

I quickly open my paper. Folding the back page behind and tossing the insert sheet to the top of the desk. First question I see is.. okay. Second question is..different. *inhale* *exhale* I see the third question and I am thinking to myself: was this even in the textbook?! I learnt every technique inside out and spent ages sitting at my desk trying to understand and eventually understanding every topic. Every equation I needed to know I memorised, ready to regurgitate all my knowledge on that day. After 1 hour and 40 minutes within which I just had enough time to finish the paper, I feel okay but not great. I wanted to feel great once I got out of the exam hall. Why else did I revise my butt off? To achieve the grade I deserve and to experience that brilliant post-exam emotion of: “I actually think I did great y’know!” which I felt as soon as I walked out of my past 5 exams.

I know the exam boards are making exams tougher, and that’s fine. But there is a difference between tough, and a completely pointless question that doesn’t test Chemistry but your knowledge of graphs or background knowledge of a chemical compound that was only mentioned once in the entire spec! I know my to-be-likely low grade in this paper may be compensated for by my decent scores in other units, but I really wanted to achieve an A in this exam. I guess it’s a personal pride thing, but I really want to make my teacher proud and prove to myself that I am truly worthy of an A grade in Chem. There’s nothing wrong with that. *Sigh*

6 down. 1 to go.


2 thoughts on “Chemistry Exam: 40% Chemistry. 60% Disorder.

  1. Chemistry was my favorite subject in school, but because I fail at math so hard I never did well on exams. I could explain all the complex concepts of chemical compositions, but writing out the formulas got me every time! I’m sure you did great. 🙂 Good luck on the rest!

    • I know I mean, Chemistry should test knowledge of Chemistry and I don’t mind if it goes outside the box a bit, but when it starts handing out questions that don’t even seem relevant to the spec, you think woah? I guess it just proves, a single person can seldom be 100% prepared for an exam unless they study exam questions and the subject, not just the subject. *Sigh* Sorry for the rant halefire323, and thank you for your comment and for the well wishes! 🙂

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