The Climb

No, I am not going to talk about the Disney song or the artist that sang it. The Climb I’m going to write about is much bigger and much more important. In 6 days time, I will be climbing Mt. Snowdon to raise money for a community magazine. Now I have done my research so I know that Snowdon is 3560 ft high and 1085 metres above sea level. It’s in Wales. It’s not that hard to climb, according to the dude at the initial briefing that said “Well if myself and my children have climbed Snowdon together then none of you will find it hard.” An image popped up in my head of two very burly children next to a considerably shorter father. Hmm.

After hearing about raising money for the magazine, I jumped straight into climbing a mountain which I have no experience of whatsoever. It seems I’m trying to make more impulsive decisions, because honestly there’s always going to be reasons for me to not climb Snowdonia but I may never get this chance ever again. Like EVER. Plus what the heck; it’s for a good cause.

“The Invitation” is the magazine I am attempting to raise money for. It’s an Islamic magazine and it’s pretty awesome to be honest. ‘The Invitation’ is read by readers of all faiths, backgrounds and ages. I personally think it’s amazing because of the Q & A section. Growing up a Muslim means you’ll have more burning questions in the back of your mind yearning to be answered, and this part of the mag does exactly that- kind of like an ‘Agony Imam’? Also every monthly issue of the magazine has a kids’ fun and games’ section, Islamic stories, articles written and submitted by readers themselves, poetry, and a pull-out A3 poster!

I think it’s important to keep this community project going so that issues can continually be published. It’s such an awesome educational tool that I think Muslims and Non-Muslims can both read and understand 🙂

I have to raise £100 minimum to do this climb but I realistically want to raise as much as possible. So-far? £5. Yep not alot, considering it’s in less than a week away. This is why I am virtually going to beg my blog followers and blog readers or even non- blog-readers if they’ve stuck ’till the end of this post to consider sponsoring me to climb Snowdon? I really want to do this and it’s for an amazing cause. I haven’t left much notice which is my own fault but I truly will commit to this climb and I’m asking you, reading this post, to please commit to me?

Yes we are strangers. Yes we don’t know each other. But we are all human and we all know how to help people when they need it.


P.S. Every little helps, and any amount donated will be very much appreciated! (Sorry ‘Tesco’ for stealing your tagline)

Here‘s my JustGiving fundraising page and all info is on there folks!

Thank you and much appreciated- I mean it! 🙂

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