That picture of me when I was in Bosnia.

I finally changed my Gravatar picture from the automated, scary “I have a face mask on” face, to a more recent but not very recent picture of me in Bosnia.

Thought I may as well say more about it. Late last summer I went along with a group of Muslims and Christians from England to Tuzla, Bosnia for an inter-faith project to meet the Islamic and Christian community over there. It was a tonne of fun; the weather was warm a lot of the time; we visited religious leaders; the most beautifully made Churches and Mosques; and we met awesome people.

Albeit, the trip was sad. We visited Srebenica- the site of the massacre in 1995, and spoke to a survivor. We walked along the path intercepting the mass graveyard. It was emotional and watching a short documentary about what happened continually and consecutively made me cry.  Later that same day, we saw a community group made up of the youth of the community of Srebenica and spoke to them. They said to us: ” When you go back, tell people about what happened, but tell them not to feel sorry for us and not to have pity.” I admire them so much; they want to forget about what happened, but no-one else is forgetting [it]. The coach ride back to Tuzla was solemn.

Plugging in my ear-phones didn’t help as I didn’t want to press the play button.

Overall we only spent a week in Bosnia, but I came back with so much more than I thought I would. And I came back with the knowledge of the most horrific incident I didn’t even know had occurred, and I am glad that I know about it now. It’s been so under-publicized by the media, but it may have been just that I was only a year old when it took place.

That picture was taken on the way from the Airport to the Tuzla, when we stopped over at a place to have a drink- the weather was sunny but not too bright, and warm but not too warm. Just right. I, for some reason, had decided to stand in a dried up gutter (as you do).

From the airport, to Tuzla in Bosnia.

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