Why Does It Always Rain On Me?

This song is soothing, but doesn’t really let me express any emotion other than sorrow- it’s such a depressing song to listen to! I’m only posting it here, due to the literal meaning; it is chucking it down outside and truly there is no better way to describe such typical, British weather. It does instill a negative feedback mechanism within me though- I just want to run out and prance about like a lunatic in the rain [of course when there is no-one looking]. Unfortunately I can not do this; it is still a social taboo on my road. Especially as I have 3 families that live in this vicinity- yikes. One day I will -for the sake of having fun- and I shall master the art of doing so without looking like I am on drugs. For now though, I shall quarantine myself in my room as I have absolutely nothing else, worth doing, to do. Joy.




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