Is romance even on the cards?

I’ve just watched ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Now, I want to have a whirlwind romance in Paris. I never thought I would be asking myself this. Is romance even on the cards for me? Is romance possible in the life I want to live? Of course it’s possible! I say chant like a mantra inside my head in order to convince myself. Albeit, I suppose post-marriage romance seems the only way fitting and who better to romance with than my husband. But what if he [potential husband] isn’t in to romance? *desolate sigh*

Am I being too selfish? In the future, I want to get married to a man that romances me and woos me and who is so totally awesome. The last few words do bring out my 14 year old self, but you get the picture. I don’t mean the popular culture version of romance equivalent to: a bouquet of red roses, a box of expensive chocolates, an evening dinner, and/or one frigging sunset. I mean having that bond with a person that you love so much, so that whenever you’re with them you feel so pleasant inside. Can’t that be romance? Will I even have that?

However, do you know what really confuses me? When some people do all the wooing to get married and plan out that oh-so-perfect proposal, and then after marriage there is no wooing, no effort, and it seems the chemistry is gone. I mean I’m sure the love between a couple does get stronger, and I’m not saying buy him/her pricey gifts to remind them that they’re the only person you would take out an overdraft for. I’m saying to be romantic in the sense of giving time to one another, and just being there. That’s like seemingly the most special thing you could possibly do. I guess what I am saying is, that I want true romance with him [potential husband] in the future, and I want someone to give me time above everything else, because someone’s time is the most important gift I could receive; they can never get that time back.

Great; I am now going to bed officially love-sick. I must stop watching romcoms..must stop watching romcoms..must stop watching romcoms.


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