Something isn’t right,..

Something isn’t right, I thought to myself. Of course I could not have lost 7 lb in 2 days of fasting. Needless to say, I seemed extra pleased with myself for losing some weight, even though I knew I would put it all back on again. And then I realised I was right the first time; the weighing scale was faulty and when corrected it showed I only lost 2lb [which seems a lot more realistic].

And now I’m thinking- why is it so damn hard to lose weight? I’m not talking about during fasting, because that has a spiritual purpose. But in general- why can I not stick to my goals/targets? My subconscious is whispering in my ear to eat that chocolate bar, or to have more chips today because it won’t make a difference. Then once it’s all inside, I feel fat and unhealthy and ugh. It’s super-annoying. I wish I had the mental strength to stick to losing weight or to exercise more.

It sounds easier than it is. You actually begin to realize -once you fail at dieting- what all these celebrities undergo. The most stupid diets, and physical regimens, all to look perfect *cough*. Yes alright, I might feel fat after a plate of fish ‘n’ chips but at least I’m eating them because I momentarily want to. Otherwise I’d be even more miserable, if I refrain from something I’d want.

I’m not sure what the point of this post is.. *cue to stop writing and publish the damn post*.



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