I Like..

Please tell me you are lazy like me. Please tell me you can sit around all day attempting to perfect the G-Chord on your Guitar. Please tell me how you can ignore washing up ‘coz you can’t be bothered. Please tell me you can live in an untidy room and still be happy. Just please tell me if you are like me. I like my stuff being scattered all over the place, so long as I can find whatever I need. I like leaving my room resembling a ‘tip’ before going to meet mates in Town. I like refusing to vacuum on the grounds that I am comfortable. I like hygiene, but I’m cool with mess. I like things looking natural. I like having March 2009 magazine issues all over my table because I re-read them. I like traces of things lying around; they can speak, and they say to people: “You know..someone lives here!”. I have a dust-allergy, but I like dust. It shows which books I’ve picked up the most and which ones are yet to be touched. It shows when I need to un-dust. It makes me think about whether I will ever use something again if I haven’t used it in a while. I like strumming my Guitar strings at 2 a.m. Other people don’t like it. I can’t get to sleep though- I like it when I stay up just to over-listen to that perfect song that’s ringing in my ears ’till dawn. I like it a lot. I like to Skype with people even if it’s at 3 a.m. until I eventually get tired. I like to eat when I’m hungry and half the time I eat when I am full. I like food, and I like to leave my plates lying around. A pile up of dirty dishes waiting to be washed. But not today- they can wait. I like staying in the Shower and closing my eyes and standing idle for 1 hour- I don’t like to be rushed. I like spending money, but I spend more than I have. I like dreaming of moving to Tuscany and living there and being messy. I like helping people, but I still help people if I don’t like it.  I like watching romantic comedies alone. I like being alone, but I like my friends. I like my friends a lot. I like travelling. I like climbing. I like walking. I like rain. I like sunshine. I don’t like them together. I like the cold. I like the heat. I don’t like humidity. I don’t like driving, but I like having a license. I like falling in love, but I seldom end up liking the person. I like color, despite being color-blind. I like weddings, except the bride rarely smiles. I like my alter-ego better than me. But I do like myself. I like science. I like learning things, but some things I don’t like to learn about. I like excitement and up-side down, reverse roller-coasters. I don’t like boredom- it consumes me like a frigging Macrophage. I like you- if you’ve stuck with this post and finished reading it. I like you a lot.


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