Fasting and Facial Rashes.

This is the second day I am fasting. The whole-spirited feeling of content and pleasure from opening my fast won’t be happening tonight; I have an allergic reaction. The burning, the stinging, the oh-so-harsh sensation I am monotonously experiencing in my skin- ‘tis not a pretty picture. Today’s fast has consequently been only bearable and not totally and completely awesome like I thought it would be when I closed my Suhoor. The fact that I haven’t consumed liquids since 3:00 am does not help in the slightest. My only aid being Sudocrem which, for the third time, I have attempted to lather on everything exposed apart from my eyes- I am now officially in despair.

Quite quickly, my inner-girl conscience has adopted the conclusion that I will forever remain a walking rash, and no-one will ever develop the slightest interest in marrying me now.

I hope that this will prove to be anything but the truth.


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