The First Five Days.

Before the first five days of Ramadhan I thought they were going to be long, difficult, and exhaustive- I was so wrong. The first five days have been satisfactory. I’m not as hungry as I was before, and I now realise how much time I spend eating. I spend a lot of time munching away on snacks void of all nutritional value, but I still gave in to temptation and knowingly made myself fatter. And now I’m very careful about what I eat; I feel healthier; I don’t know if I look it yet but I feel good.

I’m gonnah swerve this post differently because right now this is starting to sound tres cliche. I had a facial rash and as much as I would love to say I achieved what I wanted to in these few days, I didn’t. This stupid rash on my face is obviously a reaction to something but I cannot recall what to! I have lived on water, 1 bowl of Honey Cheerios, and 1 bowl of Pasta  per day these last few days. As recommended by my G.P, I’ve doubled my dosage of hay-fever tablets in order to protect myself [and my face] from developing in to an episode of the Elephant Man. Praise the Lord; my condition is no where near so severe, but you know what I mean.

Fasting is too difficult without praying. Praying is too difficult without being clean. Cleaning oneself is too difficult when a rash is present.

Overall the start of this blessed month has been wonderful, and I know I moan a lot more than I should. But I know I’m not wrong for wanting my experience of this holy month to be absolutely perfect [inshaAllah].


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