All you need is love.

This is a new post after a long time, but oh well. The reason I’m typing this post is because I have a problem. You heard it right, I am frigging problematic and have issues that can only be resolved once voiced; so what better way to voice them than on WP? Here’s the thing- I am in love. It’s crazy, but I am in love with an imaginary person. The non-existent man of my dreams, the one I’ll probably never meet, the gentleman whom is not in this world. This is a big problem.

I sound like a love-sick child, and let’s face it: I am a love-sick child. At the age of 18 I have developed a “crush” obsession with finding the perfect man whom in my head is faultless. He takes care of me, and has this amazing sense of humour, and says he loves me all the time. No surprise here, that he also has a stable job and earns more than enough to take me to Tuscany twice every year. This is stupid!

Why am I doing this to myself?! I keep reminding my brain that I shouldn’t have these crazy expectations of romance and ever-lasting love, because there’s no guarantee you can buy with it to ensure that it will last even for 3 frigging years -.- No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get this fantasy out of my head, which will be very dangerous as if I always compare my prospective real-life husband to this  dreamy character, I will be faced with disappointment forevermore.

*sigh* Poo you fantasies -.-


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