Just.. people.

Whenever I sit back in my chair and watch other people, my mind is continuously buzzing. A marathon of thoughts race through my head, occasionally colliding with other until one big massive thought is bulging out of my brain. People-watching. Not being pervy, but it is interesting. Looking through the clear coffee-shop window overlooking the busy town square. People bustling with shopping bags, with family members and friends. People accidentally bumping into each other, followed by what is sometimes a sincere apology or what is sometimes swear words murmured under heavy breaths. People bumping into others on purpose, hoping to catch their eye. Angry parents pulling along their toddlers and young couples strolling with their pushchair. Messy ice-cream eaters and tidy ice-cream eaters. From young to old, all basking in the warm late afternoon sun. Sunglasses and shorts. Jeans and shirts. Dresses and tights. Heels and Plimsolls and even bare-foot. Kisses and hugs. Cameras and mobiles. Laughter and deep conversation.

Makes me wonder what people’s stories are. Why they’re there. Why not anywhere else? For a brief moment I am in absorbed in others- others whom I have never met and probably will never meet. Others just like us. Just..people.


8 thoughts on “Just.. people.

  1. I think if more people took time out to casually observe others (not in the creepy pervy way) that there would be a lot less hatred in the world. We really are all just human, most of the time people just don’t take the time to notice.

    • Definitely; it is the prejudice and misconceptions that form simply by glancing once at a person, but it’s far better to observe people carefully- what they’re doing and why, and then we can understand people better without having a bad first impression of them.

  2. I do the same: sit somewhere and just observe people around me. People run or walk, smile, cry… those are the moments that make me realize how beautiful the World can be.

    • It’s humans that have the potential to make this world beautiful, so I think it’s useful to watch others around us; makes us realise that we are all similar/have common ground, and that everyone is in the same boat and experiences the same things, just at different times.

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