I Don’t Think It Counts As Breakfast At 13:30 pm.

The toast is waiting for that special someone..

So I was in a rush this morning. I had to be ready to be picked up by a friend by 13:45 pm. I fell out of bed at 11 am. Had a shower, got dressed, and went down stairs. By this time it was 13:20 pm. Yup. I had managed to waste a chunk of time by listening to James Blunt and kind of lounging around before actually deciding to go down and have breakfast.

I was pretty pleased with the components of my breakfast. Albeit, my toast was kind of waitin’ around for it’s beloved egg to arrive. It arrived.

A ‘finally’ complete Breakfast!

Good thing is I have at last perfected how to boil an egg enough that it is still very runny, but so that it’s whites are solidified. Brilliant!

‘Twas a very enjoyable breakfast in fact. ‘Cept I don’t think it counts as a breakfast at 13:30pm.


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