Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward.

Before September 2012, I stooped to a new level of laziness. With so many important tasks to do, I felt like I was on the run, and would rather elope from these jobs, than actually do them. I ended up procrastinating so much, to the extent it was delaying my life, and important changes in it.


This photo shows the ‘To do..’ list I stuck to the most. The list I prioritised so much to the extent that I actually..*looks shiftily around before whispering*.. ticked off the the tasks *shudders*

My tidy room didn’t last more than 36 hours, and I never booked driving lessons, until last week, but that doesn’t matter. I disciplined myself the most to get some important jobs done, and I did it. Defeating the inner obstacles of my sloth gene was a task within itself, and I did it. I became on track, and soon faced these tasks head on, that were sluggishly tying me down like a buffering YouTube video. I did it. *looks into the distance unto the skyline of office buildings illuminated by the city lights* I..moved forward.

This is a reply to: Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward.


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