Daily Prompt: B+

To say last weekend’s events have escaped my mind is a complete and utter understatement. After much investigative thinking, I asked my brother: ‘Hey! Er..what did I do last weekend?’ ‘F*ck all!’ Yes, then it all became clear.

Write about what you did last weekend as though you’re a music critic reviewing a new album.

‘The Most Recent Weekend’ has enraged sloths around the globe. This one and a half track compilation creeps up on you so slowly you can see it coming, and could outrun it by moon-walking backwards.

Track one is the barely audible ‘I’m a Sloth, get me out of here!’. With little passion behind the slurred small lyrics, and featured backing vocals by Lil’ Sloth bringing a not so fresh vibe to this piece, it’s clear that IAmDeltaPositiveNegative could have done something else to up her game in ‘The Most Recent Weekend’. However, instead she has yet again failed to deliver anything but a testimony to the life of a Sloth on Saturday and Sunday, as compared to the riveting life of a sloth from Monday to Friday.

Track two is only half completed, as featured group: ‘The Sloth Who Arrived Late At The Barbershop Quartet’ arrived late at ‘Drowned In Sound’ recording studio.

Overall A+ for effort, however a lowly recommended rating of 1/10. It’s clear that ‘The Most Recent Weekend’ took a weak leap of faith, and thus landed at the bottom of the sloth pit, with little intention of getting back up again.

This post is a reply to: Daily Prompt: B+.


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