I wish.

So here I am.. returning to blogging after giving up for god knows how long. I wish I had the consistency to write. I wish my enthusiasm, to instantaneously begin a blog post, came every day rather than in blocks of surges. I wish, I wish, I wish. I wish I could elope to university right now; the wait is painful. So much time and so little tasks to fill that time. I feel as if this gap year has been not wasteful.. but very, very long. Too long.

Does wishing for things so much, make me a selfish person? Or does it make me lazy that I am not getting off my butt to achieve these ‘goals’? Maybe both.. who knows? After all, I could wish for financial stability, but then how can we appreciate an influx of money if we don’t incur losses from time to time? Hmm.. questions, questions. Not enough answers. Or perhaps.. not enough motivation to find the answers. One can only wish for the answer sometimes. However, wishing can not get us everywhere. Wishing is stationary. Wishing is immobile. Getting up, and fulfilling it, is proactive.

Yes. That’s it!

I shall wish to be proactive.


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