Just Dreams.

Today was hot to say the least. Not wanting to jinx the weather, I can’t exactly complain of Summer’s arrival when it’s all we desire during rain, fog, and harsh wind. However, walking for approximately 2 hours straight didn’t ease my soles. Or my soul for that matter. My body was tiring, and so was my mind. With endless thoughts of September, London, and in general what the future will bring. I seldom think about such things on purpose. They pop into my head like the unwanted moth whom is attracted to the flickering flame in the corner of a dark room.

My head sensed a migraine coming, but still allowed itself to wander. To immerse itself in bad thoughts. Or as I like to call it: Reality.

Letting thoughts of broken dreams slip into my mind. Dreams of people I care about not caring about me. Dreams of a childhood corrupted by growing up and losing our naivety. Dreams of success. Dreams of passing your driving test on time. Dreams of staying together, when the adhesive that stuck you together in the first place has already dissolved. Dreams of tomorrow being a better day, even though you wished the same thing yesterday. Dreams of your birthday cake never being thrown away because someone may actually want to eat it.

Dreams. Just dreams.


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