I’m Really Not Sorry For Swearing, Though.

*cue the self-pity-party-post* I stopped blogging because I was fucking miserable. And yes I swear a lot more, now. Yippee. I’m not even going to asterisk that. Yes, ‘asterisk’ is a verb now.

What can I say? I hit an all time low. My family life was hanging by half a cheese string. The measly half that you give to your baby brother whilst you have the other tree trunk of so-called Calcium. I’m not going to publish my story on the web, but I guess I should talk about what’s happening right now.

I’m in University, kind of. I’m confused, definitely. I don’t like the people on my course. I was positive they’re bad people, but now I’m making a U-turn. The classic ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ theory is forming in my mind. What if that feminine canine isn’t the problem? Maybe I should’ve had dealt with her shit and moved on. Maybe I should have swam in it and became hardcore. Hardcore enough to emerge from it like Ezio, not taking any shit from any tyrannous Borgian bitches.

My blogging has been sucky. I’ve been sucky. But the aim of the game is to blog and be happy and not take any shit from any shit-sellers.

Apologies for the swearing. I’m really not sorry for swearing, though.


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