I’ll Stop Writing Now.

What do you do with those rainy Thursday afternoons? When you have so much time, and little duties shackling you. When afternoons seem dull and lacklustre; you feel empty. Void of responsibility and any essence of a schedule flies out the window. It’s surreal to think that all we wish for during tireless, relentless work is being free of it. Yet when we are finally unchained from our desks, our phones, our surging e-mail accounts, our social lives even, the very perfume of being exempt from activity gives us ‘eleutherophobia’ (a fancy term for ‘being afraid of freedom’).

The classic case of having too much of one thing you have nil idea of where to spend it, how to spend it, or what to do with it at all. In fact having something to wake up to in the morning is much taken for granted. A monotonous routine may be hideously exhausting, even boring for some, but it keeps us in check. It keeps us youthful and gives us a temporary purpose if you will. Without it we feel vacant, as though a vacuum has initiated within our minds. We need a humdrum life so we don’t go crazy.

Yes: a day only becomes what you want it to be. Yes: fear of freedom does depend on the person experiencing it. But people need obligations. Not only to pass time, but to feel resolute. Whole. Complete. Only then can we experience a consummate happiness. In which there is an equilibrium keeping us grounded and allowing us to get through everyday without too much or little freedom. Be it shopping, chores, meeting a friend, or work. These small or big obligations make relaxing so much more enjoyable. After all, ‘me time’ is only rewarding when you don’t do it 24/7.

And of course there’s that wonderful and realistic compromise. Mediating between work and freedom: making what you do everyday an obligation and a pleasure. The best kind of compromise. Doing what you love. Then it will never become another thing on your list to tick off. There’s a quote regarding that somewhere, but I can’t find it right now.

I wasn’t sure where this post was going when I started it. But I think I’ve written enough. I just hope this isn’t too confusing; the transferring of ideas from head to paper usually hits a couple roadblocks. I’ll stop writing now.





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