Here’s today’s prompt and I’ve gone three for three, now and made three posts in three consecutive days. I feel pretty proud about that. But not that proud; it’s not a huge achievement. Or maybe it is and I’ve just got worries on my mind. Yeah.. that’s it. Worries consume people and eat them up alive before spitting them and going at it again. That is actually a really good analogy. I remember going to the zoo when I was roughly seven years old and I saw a male gorilla in his enclosure, spitting out his food and chewing it again. I now know that this is not “grossss” but is a method to chew up the food real good for digestion. I feel like I am the food, and the gorilla is my worries. My stresses. My depression. My everything that bothers me lately. It’s chewing me up and I can feel it, emotionally. It’s taking away my happiness. It’s making me do things I would never have thought I’d do. Let me clarify that; when I’m sad, I am insanely productive. I make lists and tick them off one by one. Today I’ve spent one hour studying for a theory exam. Tick it off. Wrote this blog post. Tick it off. Don’t get mad guys, it’s not a chore – I just need like to make lists. It keeps me busy. Distracted. Aware of my dwindling levels of happiness, but not constantly mulling it over in my head – which is a haven for me. Anyway… this prompt was about wind… so let me just write the relevant sentence here.

I wish the wind could blow my sadness away.

This is a reply to Wind.


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