I’m an expert, don’t you know? I am wise. Full of wisdom, actually. I can tell you that love hurts. And how bittersweet memories are; like being stabbed with a blade so sweet that you welcome its jabs, only to cry and smile at the same time. I can tell you that you will go through some things in life that will cause you trauma. You will regret it so badly and blame yourself, but it’s not your fault. Sometimes it’s not anyone’s fault. It’s just life. Circumstance. And that’s okay. Some things just happen. And it may take a while for you to accept it. You may push some people away in the process of recovering, but you won’t realise it at the time. And that’s okay. Because recovery is important. It may be costly, but you did it to get better. You did it so you could live to fight another day. You did it for you. And that’s important. It will hurt. But you need to just focus on you sometimes. And deal with the consequences later. And that’s okay. This whole post is bittersweet. Recovery sometimes means letting go of a part of you that was linked to that trauma. You’ll never be the same again. You’ll get angry and distraught. You’ll be fed up of the world. You’ll join clubs and societies. Make friends and force yourself to attend social gatherings. You’ll smile so much, and like so many things on Instagram, because you thought you’d try out this thing that everyone around you seems to be in to. All to fill the void. But you won’t. That void is the piece of you that you let go; for your own sake. To survive, you must die – this paradox isn’t for me.

This is a reply to Expert.


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