Fierce… is something I am, I guess. Joking – of course I’m fierce. I think life is all about shaping you to be the person you’re meant to be. I wasn’t fierce at all when I was younger. Actually I was a bit of a push-around. A lot of it stems from the people I was surrounded by. Family members and friends, that would take advantage of my kindness. Now I’ve set the record straight, and I am well and truly the strongest person I know. You go through certain experiences that will mould you to be stronger. Nowadays I really feel weak, you know? I feel – and this is no secret – that I would be better off dead. But I haven’t acted on it and I won’t. I just let this burning desire to end my life simmer inside me. I don’t know how to manage it to be honest, but it is well and truly exhausting. To get through the day is a challenge. To make it through and not end up breaking down into a heap of tears on my bed, is the biggest feat. But I somehow manage to wake up the next day and write on this blog, and wash my face and act like I have my sh*t together. That is enough to warrant me the title of being “fierce”.

This is a reply to Fierce.

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