How much I just wish things could be better. How much I just wish I could feel better. Yikes. I know. Another depressing post. Sorry guys… lately, stuff hasn’t been that great. I just wish things would stop. I wish everything would stop. I really have no use for the things I used to love. I used to be in to the idea of being some great, big shot, independent woman, but I’m not happy inside. I’m actually dead. I’m dead inside. Dead and empty. I’ve been like this for the past year. I just want things to be better. I haven’t felt happy in a long time and it’s really put a downer on me. Recently its taken a turn for the worse, and I would actually like to apologise for the increasingly depressing posts in the last couple of weeks. I didn’t anticipate to feel this way, and I thought blogging more might help me. It’s just letting me vent more with no ease in the way I feel. So.. I guess this is mainly a sorry post. I’m heading to London in a couple weeks anyway, so who knows.. maybe more cheerful posts will be coming? Literally, who knows? Point them my way, will you?


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