My blogging streak is over as I took a day off, yesterday. A lot of the time I have to force myself to do things. This prompt was very apt, though. What else can Cake be related to, other than birthdays? Not much. I’ve only ever had cake on birthdays. Even then, some gets left over. I kind of feel like the half-eaten cake right now. You know – that buttercream cake that gets left in the fridge and buttercream just isn’t a chocolate gateau, so it stays there for a couple more weeks. At least, that’s what happens in my fridge. This post won’t be long. This prompt is appropriate. I have no care for birthdays, but for some people I have a lot of care. I am having a dreadful period of time at the moment, but I woke up and instantly felt happy cause, somewhere, it’s someone’s birthday right now. Happy enough that at least someone out there is eating cake, and is smiling and laughing. In that moment, I felt so full of joy for this person, that I got out of bed and blasted out music, and jumped in the shower and did some embarrassing karaoke to Sting. I do love some Sting. I then went to see my grandma. I know, right? I was really happy for this person. I walked back home. I closed the door behind me, it felt nice to not be sad for a morning. I treated my ears to some music again after a long time. They weren’t expecting it, but welcomed it. They were surprised, and discussed what they saw:

“Hey left ear… what’s up? This girl was in pieces yesterday.”

“It’s someone’s birthday, right ear, you prune, that’s why she’s dancing like a maniac.”

“Uh-oh, why is this song playing?”

“Yeah, the idiot put it on shuffle.”

“Oh god, she’s crying.”

And just like that, my happy streak was over. But it happened. I don’t know why I didn’t dance like that on my birthday. But it was nice, to just celebrate something. So here’s to people having their birthday. Thanks for giving me a little bit of sunshine, on an otherwise rainy afternoon.

This is a reply to Cake.


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