This is actually a really weird prompt, but here we go. Plop is generally a ‘sound word’ for me. Like onomatopoeia. So I guess what I’ve been feeling this morning, is my heart literally sinking. It’s felt like that for a while now, and I have no idea how to make it better. I’ve tried everything. Believe me, everything. I am totally self-sufficient however I do seek help and advice and support from those around me. I try my hardest to lift my spirits. To be able to get through the day with ease, not just hardly managing to scrape by. But lately – in fact, in the last eight months – I have not managed to do this. I am a failure. I wish my life wasn’t so bad, and I know I sound like a kid, but it feels like I’ve experienced more than I should have. I’ve tried to meet people and try new things and just be adventurous. I’ve reminded myself constantly, that something has to work. Something has to work. But I’m still waiting for that something. I just hope with all my heart, that I find some peace and contentment. I want to be able to be happy again, but right now, I don’t see the end of the tunnel. I’m so tired of saving myself. I think I just need saving now. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. So ‘plop’ is the sound of my heart dropping eight months ago. It never lifted again. Peace and love, guys.

This is a reply to Plop.




3 thoughts on “Plop

  1. I can identify with this to some extent. Maybe you just gotta embrace the take the “when life gives you lemons” outlook. Still work to manifest your goals into reality, but at the same time enjoy the lemons that you have right now. Anybody can be happy when everything is great, but if you enjoy the times “when life gives you lemons” as well; then, you are truly successful.

    • Thanks for reading and replying. That really is a goal of mine; about six months ago I really was crazy productive and turned my lemons into lemonade. Now I think it’s about being able to do nothing and relax and still end up with the lemonade. We will see.

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