*Zing!* goes my heart when my lips speak of you. When my eyes meet yours. When shoulder meets shoulder, brushing up by accident. *Zing!* is a mistake. A beautiful mistake. When something unexpected occurs. When something that is not meant to happen, happens. When not all conforms of the day are met. When an unusual event takes place, grabbing you and pulling you out of your comfort zone. A whiplash of the senses. *Zing!* is the sound of eyes meeting. Of thoughts colliding harmoniously. Of the feeling when the rhythm of words escaping one’s tongue is synchronous with the rhythm of another’s eardrum that vibrates to welcome those words. *Zing!* is when the sun is setting on the horizon of the cityscape of blacked out buildings, opening up the night sky for a perfect twilight. Then you look to your left and see a friend. A friend. You’ve been sitting in silence for eight minutes. You exchange glances and sigh, taking in deep breaths as you do. Your silence is comfortable. Not awkward, but comfortable. So comfortable that you don’t need to talk. You just sit there. In synchronisation. In harmony. *Zing!*

This is a reply to Zing!.


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