It’s so easy to feel fragile. What is it with these prompts? Always terribly relevant. Or maybe I just seem to find meaning in anything. All I can say right now is that my fragility isn’t really ending. I was fragile for a long time when I was a young girl; I was very, very sensitive. I’d take things to heart, far too much. And that hasn’t changed really. People that know me well can contest to this, that I am very sensitive and very emotional. I’m one of those girls who cry bucketloads on her period. And who will want to please everyone. I think that’s where this comes from – the willingness to please everyone. The need to just meet expectations. And when the inevitable happens – when that insignificant chip in the windscreen hits a bump and cracks open – you only then begin to realise that people will never be pleased. That your efforts were entirely futile. And in the process, you hurt yourself. So you then realise that you must nurture your spirit from being hurt when you aim to please everyone. Be it family members, friends, or anyone who you put on a pedestal sometimes. Anyone whose opinions matter that little bit extra than others. We are all fragile to a degree. But maybe it is a blessing to feel everything so, so much. Yes – I am prone to breaking apart. Yes – no matter how many times I have broken apart, I’ve become progressively more fragile. Yes – I will cry if you are mean to me. Yes – I don’t regret it. Yes – with every impact made to crack me open, I have become that much more kinder. That much more compassionate. That much more humble. And I love myself for it. Peace and love, guys. x

This is a reply to Fragile.


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