So “slog” is a pretty weird word. What even does that mean? For me I guess, I instantly thought of “sloth”, and “lazy”, and basically any day that is just “slogging on” with little-to-no productiveness and/or motivation to be productive. I’ve had so many days like that lately. Days that just happen without you. When you get out of bed, you can choose to make a pact with the day. You can choose to say: “Yeah I’m gonna kill it today, and it’s 7am right now but I’m gonna get up right now so that 8am doesn’t happen without me”. And so, your productive day begins. But it’s so easy to barely lift up your head, catch a glimpse of the dreary rainy forecast outside, and think that, today, the world is not on your side. That today, you don’t want to take three steps out of bed to open the curtains. And that’s okay, to be honest. That’s totally okay. But from experience, slogging does nothing for you. I used to believe that it’s healthy to slog all the time. Every day. But it isn’t. It’s healthy to slog a little bit. When you need time to heal from the immense pain. When you just need to take a day off because you can’t seem to stop crying. Then it’s okay to slog. But it’s so very easy then, to fall into a natural rhythm of “slogginess”. A rhythm that is slow. And deep. And spiralling. But you can’t and you shouldn’t let that happen. Because then the day happens without you. And days turn into weeks, turning into ‘that period of your life’ that cast a shadow on everything else.

This is a reply to Slog.


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