Together we are. Me and you. I thought I lost you, but you were always there. You stood by me through everything. And when you couldn´t stand anymore, you still slumped to one side and watched me kick ass. You are so special. You are so smart. You are so lovely. You have so much love to give. You´re gorgeous. You´re different. You´re everything I´ve wanted. You´re the best at consoling. And when you feel like crap, you still make an honest effort. You got me going crazy with your erratic sleeping patterns and the way you just wake up in the night to talk to me. You tell me how scared you are for tomorrow, and then you tell me you love me. I appreciate it. And I appreciate you. And everything you do to keep us going. You get up when you don´t want to. You cook for us when you just want to starve yourself. You tell me how much I need to stop when I reach for a pack of biscuits. You shut me up when I tell you that there is no hope left. You convince me otherwise. You hold my head in your hands and tell me “Shussssh”.  You let me cry it out when I´ve had a miserable day, and miserable days come by the bucketload, lately. Oh, how I would be so incomplete without you. Your faith. Your positivity. Your confidence. It uplifts me. You are in me. Literally. This is a letter to my (often neglected) spirit. How you stand undefeated, I do not know. But I really love you. And you must love me too, to still weather the storm within me. Peace and love, guys. x

This is a reply to Together.


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