Hike, hikes. I actually do like hikes. It doesn’t really matter where I go but I prefer the English countryside when hiking. It’s really satisfying to walk at your own pace and take in the view of farms upon farms and hills upon hills and grassy land upon – well, you get the idea. The most comforting aspect seems to be the isolation that one experiences. Not total isolation, but people are scarcely found unless they’re also travellers, or farmers, or in camping groups. But no one will bother you. They’re friendly there. They won’t bother you because people often go to the countryside for a few reasons, but one of them is to get away. To get away. How nice that sounds… I just want to get away, too. Far away. Will it do anything to help me? In the long run, probably not. It really won’t. But I want to try. I want to elope somewhere. Somewhere far away. The countryside isn’t that far from me, really. A few hours and then I’ll be set. Set with peace. Peacefulness. Peacefulness around me. I need that. When you face raging turmoil within you, you have to surround yourself with the way you want to feel inside. Green. And calm. And plush. And content. I want that. I need a hike, somewhere. I know it won’t help me in the grand scheme of things, but what I wouldn’t give to just take a break. Even a small break. Away from the chaos. The chaos loves to breed in my head, so I guess there is really no escape. But I can try, right? I can try.

This is a reply to Hike.


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