Silence is a goldmine waiting to be explored. You sit there in silence, basking in nothingness. Yet nothing has been taken away from you. Only completeness and contentment has been added. This is it. You eliminate the background noises. The distractions surrounding – as well as within – you. You choose nothingness. You take something away but instead you gain something that is possibly much more valuable. Except sometimes, you may not want silence. Silence could be a curse. Just something that creates a void in your mind. In your thoughts. Nothing. Your head becomes a bubble of nothing. Nothing. It will take whatever fills it. Our thought processes. Our cognition. Our opinions. Our beliefs. Our confidence. Our everything. It’s malleable. Malleable and bendable and so damn flexible. We can absorb things like a sponge. Silence could be the salvation we crave or the breaking point that we are so very terrified off.

This is a reply to Silence.


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