The Climb

So I basically climbed the Millennium Dome. Okay, it’s called the O2 Arena now, but I’m a millennial so I’ll call it by its proper name. Okay, I just looked up the meaning of “millennial”. Just to make sure I am one. Phew. So I climbed the Millennium Dome.

A bit of background, first… it was built and opened on 31st December 1999 and stayed open for all of 2000, before the whole project tanked by failing to meet people’s expectations. Joy. Wikipedia says it’s the largest dome of its kind in the world (?). Also, it has 12 spokes for each month of the year, and is 365 metres tall for each day of the year. So this is supposed to represent Greenwich Mean Time; as the dome is in Greenwich!

It was amazing. I haven’t climbed in a while; I climbed up Mount Snowdon a few years ago, but nothing serious after that. I know this isn’t exactly a natural landscape to climb but it was tough – a 28 degrees incline and a 30 degrees decline.

We weren’t allowed pics while climbing, but I managed to snag a few when we got to the top!

The top consisted of a large flat podium where you could see all of London, but the view was a bit pants, to be honest. I only say that because it’s too industrial and not so … romantic looking. This is my best shot. I’m not exactly the best photographer either. Oops.


And we even get a message to make us feel accomplished!


Me. And my gear. And my hair. That large metal rope hanging down from the harness has a clasp that clips on to a long rope going up the side of the dome. And it was heavy. So we had to hold it most of the time at the top, to stop it bashing against our legs and bruising us. Ouch.


Of course, we finished our climb in good style with a Chinese buffet.


Although nothing in this photo is Chinese, trust me; we had everything.

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