So…I managed to spill hot coffee all over my laptop and now it’s in a repair shop; fighting for its life. And my sanity. 

I’m not used to blogging with such a small phone screen but I may as well do something with my time. 

I also think I’m coming down with a fever. Or a major depressive episode. One of those. Or both. Who knows, really?

It’s an accustomed thing now that most of my days revolve around a late afternoon tea break. And since my favourite mug was broken last week by a housemate (how rude), I’m drinking my tea from someone else’s coffee mug. It feels wrong but it’s a huge mug so I can forgive myself. Huge mug = more tea. 

For those of you who don’t know my caffeine schedule, I have a huge mug of coffee in the morning to wake me up and then any other caffeine boosts until about 4 will be small cups of coffee. After 4pm I’m only really interested in tea. I’ll have a huge mug of tea at 5pm and then anything after will be small cups of tea. Tea is my wind down drink. It tastes of comfort. 

I had a good cry for about an hour this morning. Just one of those days. Sometimes the grief builds up so much that you can taste it in the tears that roll down your cheek. It sounds poetic but it’s just a fact; I have some salty tears. So I had some early morning tea instead. I don’t like winding down in the morning cause then the day goes out the window. But since my day already  crappled  (became crap), I needed it. 


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