Moody. Yep, I’m moody. Definitely. I think I’m often moody by default, now. Which is a shame. But I still like to take time to appreciate stuff. I distinctly remember when I got depressed at 17. Before that, I’d appreciate so much stuff like sunrises and the damp earth smell after it rains. Hidden away secret gardens behind tall bushes. Quaint cottages you’d walk past and just stare at and dream of raising your family in one day.  Idyllic lakes in parks that are seemingly empty. The smell of freshly baked bread. Walking past a subway. Okay. The last two I definitely have never ceased loving. But with everything else. Appreciating nature. And romantic houses that look straight from a catalogue. I’ve had to really work to notice these again. I remind myself to take a step back. And just take it all in. And slow down. And think wow. So I dont really think I’m that moody I guess. Just a bit sad. In which case, walking past a subway tends to cheer me up. 


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