Isn’t it all brilliant? How life can twist and turn. In only a matter of weeks, joy can turn to sorrow. But I suppose that’s nothing new; we all know that emotions are fleeting – especially happiness. Sometimes life just feels unbearable but that isn’t so much of a deal when you have support. So what happens when the ones that are supposed to be giving you support, are actually the ones causing you grief? When the environment you wake up in is suffocating? Someone who I thought supported me said to me the other week: “You can’t cut your own family off”. I just smiled and replied in my head: ‘Watch me’. You CAN cut off anyone in your life who is toxic Anyone who brings you harm. If they are one of your parents, or close relatives then don’t think for a moment that you have to put up with that bullshit.

This backwards South-Asian principle of staying with your family, no matter what they do to you, is wrong. Not only is it wrong, it is insulting to yourself. You will be doing yourself a great injustice. Because why put up with horrid behaviour and excuse it, simply because it is projected from a blood relative?

‘..but blood is thicker than water’. Well wake the fuck up. Blood is not thicker than water. Water is not thicker than blood. Be with people you love, who return your love – end of. Now that’s brilliant. I’m tired of family letting me down. Hurting me. Disappointing me. Ignoring me. Enough is enough. Why should I put up with this?

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