Oh god I’m so bored. To be honest I really shouldn’t be awake at 3am. That just leads to grogginess tomorrow and me inevitably wasting almost the first half of the day in bed. Which is a shame considering I wanted to be productive in the last few days of my holiday. My break has mainly consisted of me trying to evoke some energy out of a drained vessel. That’s me. I’m incredibly tired. Probably the most exhausted I have been in a while. Mentally. Physically. Everything. Like my body has given up, and I’m following suit. I don’t know what it is. If I had to pick a reason, I would decide that it’s because I am simply fed up. Of people around me. I’ve spent too much time with family. And it’s sort of built up a nausea in me. That’s probably not normal… Oh well. I’ll just sit tight until I can be in London again. For a city so busy, it’s probably one of the only places I seem to genuinely like. And by “like”, I mean a place that doesn’t give me lethargy


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