I wrote this ‘poem’ really quickly this morning, after feeling very heavy. You know, when sometimes your chest feels burdened and heavy with feelings? I thought writing this might help get some of it out. I know the title is ‘Partake’, but I could also name it ‘conveyer belt of emotions’. Which is quite apt, if I am honest. Anyway, if you want to comment please let me know what you think. I use the term ‘poetry’ quite loosely as actually this was very easy to write and I see it as more of a manifestation of feelings than poetry. And if anyone has been in similar situations, I hope this has put into words some of the feelings.

Grief takes time. A cycle leading you back to the same point over and over.

Or a conveyer belt. As though you think it’s done but ‘here comes more!’

I am done with this feeling. So I now choose what to feel. And though my heart is heavy, no longer in zeal.

I feel like there’s better things to come. But I can’t forget the way you upped and decided to run.

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m emotional. But I have forgiven, so I’m not trapped in this tunnel.

Of despair. I’m better than that; I care about me. But some times it comes back and hits me, and I feel like I’m sinking in the sea.

When you jumped ship, you cut a hole in my heart. Not because you left me, but because you kept saying we wouldn’t be apart.

You made me believe in some thing, and went. I forgive you; humans are built to make mistakes.

But the trust is gone. And I feel like there’s no more love in which I want to partake.


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