Pain, a passenger

It’s so easy to slip up, and feel like you aren’t achieving your dreams. I felt this one too many times. I felt this today. I stared at my bed and suddenly thought of someone. Someone I shared everything with. I felt the tears in my eyes. The stinging of tears. But that’s okay; it only hurts still because it meant something. Because it was so special, that the pain of losing it is equally as harsh. So let me tell you something. If you have ever held something or someone so close, only to have them slip away. If you have dreamed a dream only to have it shatter. If you have ever felt loss of any measure. You are not your loss.

Say it again to yourself, so you believe it. So you know that you have the power to define yourself, and not let your soul be enveloped in sadness. So you know that pain is only a transient passenger in your vehicle and it will go. It’s just hitching a ride with you, but along the way it will steer you in directions that you could not have imagined. Sit back and realise that you may not have full control of your vehicle. But when it has taken you to where you need to go, it will ask to leave. If you internalise your pain, then it is no longer a passenger; it is intertwined in the very fabric of your being. But darling, you deserve so much more than to piggyback this pain for a single moment of your life. You deserve to be free. You deserve to be happy. You deserve peace. You weren’t born on this planet to spend your days healing your wounds.


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