Let’s try this again

How do you connect with yourself again like you once did? I know it is possible. It is possible to be plunged into the depths of misery and re-emerge a phoenix, having risen from the ashes of pain and despair. I feel it is possible. But maybe I’m doing it wrong. Maybe it’s not about doing what worked before. Eating what you ate before. Breathing like you breathed before. Every breath was a new lease of life. Maybe I can have a new lease of life again. But it will be different. Because I am different. I’m no longer the woman I was, so why do I think I can find solitude in the same way? I am smarter, stronger, bolder, faster. I am different, better, and getting better with each trial I face. I am a seasoned professional. A veteran, expert in the ways of surviving. So let’s try this again.

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