In fact, it’s perfect

You’re sat here pondering over that time. A distant memory now but it feels so near. Maybe because you haven’t let it go. You’re immersed in your past. You regret those moments you didn’t cherish. Because you didn’t know how perfect your life was. Maybe not perfect. But ideal. But, my darling, can you go back and live that time again? Cherish those moments again? No. Then let it go. Focus on the now. What really matters? The feel of your bed sheets under you at this very moment. Whether your stomach is full from your meal. And maybe that exam you have this week. And yes, I know. I know it’s so hard to constantly fight to bring yourself back to the time that truly matters. To the now. But maybe your journey isn’t about being the one who had it all together in the first place. Maybe it’s about being the one who tried her damn hardest to get it together. And that’s more than okay. In fact, it’s perfect.

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