Hello Mediocrity

I guess I was putting off writing because I’m not at that point yet where I am ready to be positive, or banging on about how we need to see life differently. I guess I wanted to be at that point when I am writing my blog post, so I can be like yeah look how far I have come. But I guess I have also realised that I don’t have to be at any point to write about it. I don’t need to be uber positive or have to have climbed a damn mountain. Lately my days feel like mountains on their own, so I guess that’s my mountains covered? Honestly, though I am actually sick of this mindset where I have to be okay by a certain deadline. And it’s all self-imposed – so I have no excuse? Self-imposed limits, deadlines, targets to be okay by a certain point. Yes, it can help to say ‘I will be feeling on top of the world in one month’. But, ummmm, why? I don’t have to, and I’d rather just set achievable targets – Like ‘I will be feeling okay today; I will get through the day, and I will do something nice for someone because I know that makes my day 10x better’. How about that? Achievable targets can seem pretty mediocre, but I don’t know why. Is it a mediocre feeling that you get when you help a stranger on the streets? Is it a mediocre feeling when you are walking home from work and the sun is shining onto your skin, and you momentarily feel that life is actually good? I don’t think so. Many moments of small elation, add up to large amounts of elevation. We can elevate our mind so much just by being self-aware, and understanding how consciously being a positive person, spreading positivity can build you up to be an individual you are proud of. So I am going to get rid of this mentality that small targets are bad. These small moments of happiness are what surmount to large positive waves in our lives, and that should not be taken for granted.

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