I just need to rant

I guess my holiday feel-good feeling was too good to last. Back to “normality” is like a dark cloud has appeared over me, raining down hard. Maybe it’s the lack of sunlight in London. Or our failing economy and expensive living. Or the fact that senior management are so awfully out of touch and unempathetic with anyone below them. What haven’t I tried? Dieting, sleeping on time, exercising, trying to ‘love’ my job, the list goes on. But alas, it’s still cumbersome to even get through the day. I clock out and slump on my sofa. Feeling utterly depleted. Convincing myself that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed after such a long day. But what happens when this becomes your every day? Then how do you reignite any remnants of spark in your life? Rhetorical questions; I just need to rant.

Blah blah its me

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