I need it

I took a sick day today.

It feels like my body has managed to catch up with the ailments of my mind.

Exhausted. Dizzy. Uneasy. Warm flushes sprint through my chest as I sigh.

I should be enjoying my break from work. Says the voice in my head.

Maybe I should watch Made in Chelsea or some other trash TV show. That usually does the trick. Why am I getting burnt out so often?

What would have ordinarily taken me 3 months to feel, I am feeling repeatedly in the space of 2 weeks: burn out.

My brain feels dense and foggy.

I want to force myself up to make a to do list – in a usual attempt to dredge myself out of feeling low.

But, reluctantly, my body is pulled – as though by a thread – to the sofa and I lay still for a few hours.

Not comfortable. But tired. Finished. I wonder if I will feel better when I wake. But awake to a heavy slumber, confusion, and the dreadful feeling anticipating tomorrow.

Maybe I will take a sick day tomorrow. I need it.


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