Hello one and all,

I’m Aroosa, 24 years old, always a little bit confused.

This is the… umpteenth time I have rewritten my About page and I will continue to do so due to my indecisive nature and because I can.

I return to blogging whenever I’m sad but I will try and stick to it when my mood improves … *she says*

More about me…. I love Autumn, dressing up warm in cold weather, being warm in general, spending time in my own space, being comfortable in my own space, telling bad jokes, laughing at my own jokes, Magpies, Maccies (don’t judge me), fluffy socks, fluffy animals, apple crumble (with custard obvs), being organised though I rarely am, Harry Potter (I’m Slytherin), trying new things, hot chocolate, toffee popcorn, walks in the park, The Holiday, coffee, my people, motivational quotes, making lists, you if you’ve reached the end of this one.

A x



  1. Welcome to the world of sadness and depression… I have surrounded myself with depressed people..in this artificial world of blogging. Quiet frankly, I like hearing out the sad stories, because I can relate to it.

  2. Nothing wrong with being romantic! Accept yourself! ćƒ¾(惻Ļ‰ćƒ»ļ½€)ćƒŽćƒ¾(Ā“惻Ļ‰ćƒ»)惎悛

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